“Technology alone is not enough,” Steve Jobs once quipped in attempting to describe Apple’s strategy and underlying philosophy. “It’s technology married with the liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields us the result that makes our heart sing.”

These are lessons that extend far beyond operating systems, computer design, and microchips.

Business done well can be an art, creating something beautiful out of the world that did not already exist. In other ways, business is a lived philosophy. At its best, it carves out and creates a more interesting reality-- whether the building blocks of that outcome are products, service, or something all together different.

I am an academic entrepreneur, a writer, and an advisor and consultant to business leaders. In this space, my work engages the questions of business and strategy by moving across disciplines-- attempting to build on insights from psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, etc. in order to more appropriately engage those I teach, those for whom I write, and those with whom I work.

On this site you will find various outgrowths of that work. I will describe my philosophy of teaching and scholarship and include examples of written pieces in academic journals and those outlets for the broader public. I also explain a bit of the work that I do with organizations, knowing that business is as much a practice as it is an academic discipline. Finally, in the “creations” section of the site, I periodically engage in or link to shorter written pieces of a variety of different interests-- scholarly and otherwise. In this space, I work to reflect in written or visual form on the various different aspects that touch on the work described above.

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