Business is a lived philosophy-- at its best, value-driven in orientation, and pragmatic in the way it drives a system efficiently towards those ends.

As a scholar and practitioner of management, my work is inherently cross-disciplinary--attempting to build on insights from psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics, etc. in order to more appropriately engage those I teach, those for whom I write, and those with whom I work.

Across this site you will find various aspects of that task. Specifically, on this site I describe my philosophy towards teaching and consulting. In addition, I have included examples of written pieces in both academic journals and those intended for the broader public. Finally, in the “reactions” sections of the site, I periodically engage in shorter written pieces of a variety of different interests-- scholarly and otherwise.

If you desire to connect for any number of reasons, please use the site’s contact form. If you are a student and want to find a time to get together in person, the best way to do so is by following the corresponding link (here).